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தங்களின் பிராந்திய செய்திகளை அனுப்பி வையுங்கள் உலகறிய செய்கிறோம்

John Abraham
Producer and Actor , Madras Cafe

Dear John Abraham, 

We are sorry to bring to your notice that your recent film Madras Cafe has created tension and restlessness  among 100 million Tamil speaking people world wide. In fact we  Tamil people are deeply wounded and upset after knowing the screenplay of the movie. 

Tamil organisations have opposed the movie and have called for a countrywide ban on it.

While Tamil people in Tamil Nadu are protesting against screening of this film,  It is felt that there will be social discord if the film is allowed to be shown here in Maharastra too. If the movie is released, people of Maharastra would find difficult to live along with Tamil people as the film would create a negative image about the Tamil people. This film actually spoils the reputation of Tamils people. 

This movie is actually should be named as Congress Café instead of Madras café . 

Mr. Rajiv was assassinated in 1991. Srilankan civil war was over in 2009. What is the necessary of filming Madras café by highlighting Rajiv’s assassination twenty years later? Answer is very simple Congress losing its integrity day by day. It has to face the parliamentary election next year. Scam rate, poor governance, inability, poor economic status, price hiking etc., were extremely higher than the achievements (?). They have to meet the people to beg for vote. They have no other choice. Hence, they are forced to create a sympathy somehow among the society by saying we lost our great leader Mr. Clean (?), bofors king Mr. Rajiv, so please vote for us. (we are not justifying Rajiv’s assassination, but the investigation not yet completed).

John Abraham told in an interview, he have gone through 1000 pages of “Jain commission’s report”. In the end of the report Jain commission listed out number of persons who must be investigated. In which Mr. Chandraswamy, Mr. Subramaniasawamy and Mr. M.K. Narayanan were the top three persons. Within an hour of Mr. Rajiv’s assassination, Subramaniaswamy told to media it was done by LTTE. Nobody knows what’s happening in and around, investigation was started three days later then how Mr. Subramaniaswamy knows it was done by LTTE? Mr. M.K. Narayanan is still hiding an important video tape. Till now they did not investigated, why? This movie didn't speak anything about it.

Each Indian citizen has freedom of expression. John Abraham too has his freedom of expression. At the same time nobody has the rights to rewrite the history for their own benefits and convenience. LTTE was a well disciplined organization, they don’t smoke and drink. Their only aim was independent Tamil Eelam not to kill civilians. They had fight only with Srilankan army not with Sinhalese common people, if a Sri lankan army person surrender to LTTE they never kill them, army people were released in a few weeks/months without  any torture. Madras Café film portrayes  as if they smoke, drink and kill common civilians.

“The satanic force”- the heinous crimes of Indian peace keeping, describes the atrocities of Indian peace keeping force against Eelam Tamils. But this movie (Madras café) portray Indian intelligence were trying to save the Tamils from LTTE but they couldn’t save Tamils from LTTE rather they lost their Prime minister. This movie portray exactly opposite to what was happened in the past. If a person would like to make historically important issues as a movie he/she must be highly responsible for what they are making because it’s a powerful record.
If someone tries to rewrite the history, it is not a freedom of expression rather “media violation”. Still, if you speak freedom of expression, we too have the same freedom of expression then why the Indian government banned the movies like Ellalan, Sengadal, Kaatrukkenna Veli and many others which were made by Tamils. Is this called sovereignty?

This movie supported by Congress government should stop violations of power and Bollywood should stop media violations against Tamils. 

Therefore on behalf of world Tamil community, we condemn your irresponsible, biased and defaming attitude and demand not to screen this movie worldwide. Also we Tamils demand an apology from you for spreading a wrong message world wide. 


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