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தங்களின் பிராந்திய செய்திகளை அனுப்பி வையுங்கள் உலகறிய செய்கிறோம்

Why stop self immolation?

Why stop self immolation?

At this troublesome period  Tamil people are facing many problems from various sides . One important problem Tamils are facing right now is their language and identity slowly being destroyed. Though India got independence 66 years ago , the languages of the people have not got the independence. Only one Indian language Hindi got the freedom to live and rule the country. Rest of non-hindi languages are sufferring a big blow at the hands of Hindi imperialism. India has many nations with a country and therefore all nationalites need to have equal freedom as much as the Hindi nationals. Tamil nationals now feel the heat of  Hindi imposition and negligence of Tamil language at all levels . Language right is the key right for any human being of the world. Especially the right of mother tongue at least in ones own soil.

1. Though Tamils are the sons of the soil, their language rights are denied since India got independence from the British rule. Tamil language is a classical and the oldest spoken language in India. Yet Tamil is not given its due respect by the Indian union. It is important to assert Tamil language right at least inside Tamil Nadu if not in rest of India. Tamil language also need to enjoy the similar right and authority as much as Hindi. Tamizhar Pnapaattu Naaduvam (Tamils Cultural Centre) was formed with the right notion of asserting Tamil language rights at all levels. We want complete freedom for our language . Therefore decided to make sure that Tamil is present whereever possible in Tamil Nadu . For example , many shops in urban cities do not display Tamil boards. Rather they are reluctant to display in Tamil . They have English only boards. TCC swung into action to fix this problem. We distributed notices to shop owners which said that Tamil display boards a must as per the TN govt order. We made a huge campaign both online and offline. Our TCC cadres worked hard to walk into every shop which had English only name boards. As a result of our agressive campaign we were able bring more than 500 name boards in Tamil.

Tamil in Indian coins . When Tamils were ruled by Tamil kingdoms such as Cheras Cholas and Pandyas, Tamil coins were in use. But since Tamil Nadu came under Indian union there is no place for Tamil language in Indian coins. Coins play an important role in finding history of a civilsation or a nation. Archaeologists rewrite history based on coinages. Coins are the real evidences to prove that we existed. But as far as Indian coins are concerned there no sign of Tamil language. Then how can our future generation , maybe thousand years later find that we existed on this part of earth. Therefore it is important to assert our linguistic right and make sure Tamil language printed on Indian coins.

So it is with Stamps. These stamps which goes across seas and reaches far away land. People at the part of the world think that Indians speak only Hindi and Hindi is our national language. This very notion is wrong. Postage stamps originating Tamil Nadu must have Tamil language and culture on it. This will also take our rich heritage and literature to other parts of India and to foriegn lands.

As Tamil is not declared as offcial language of Indian Union , Tamil language rights are denied almost everywhere in India. Specially banks  do not issue printed materials in Tamil. This makes Tamil people suffer a lot. Whereas Hindi people coolly enjoys all the benifits as there language is in use at all banks. Is this not a sheer discrimination ? Where is the linguistic equality ?

One Madurai collector Ansul Misra ordered to display Hindi sign boards all over Tamil city Madurai as he wanted to help Hindi tourists. We Tamils protested against this decision. We asked to withdraw this Hindi imposing plan. But Mr Misra initially denied to consider our plea. But when all groups protested saying that Mr Misra is trying to promote his mother tongue in Tamil nadu at the cost of Tamil tax payers, then he changed his mind. Finally he accepted to remove all Hindi boards in Madurai.

Pizza Corner is one such restaurants in Tamil Nadu which does not want to play Tamil songs in their outlets. TCC called upon the manager and demanded the reason behind not playing Tamil songs. As they were not able to give a proper answer, TCC said that it will protest in front of their stores if Tamil songs are not played . Finally manager agreed to play Tamil songs . Same thing happenned in Kovai Fun Mall . We showed our opposition for not playing Tamil songs inside their mall. At last mall started to play Tamil songs after many years since opening of the mall.

Our presence grew well in facebook. As a result many people joined our campaign willingly. Many called us to register their complaints. One such was AGS cineplex. This cinemas played Indian national anthem and made  people to stand. We questioned that if Indian national anthem is played why not Tamil anthem in Tamil nadu. Durinf govt funtions Tamil anthem is played first and Indian national anthem is played at the last. So we demanded to theatre authorities to play Tamil anthem as well along with Indian national anthem. The management finnaly agreed to play Tamil anthem as well.

Now we have demanded Southern Railways to give importance to Tamil langauge in Tamil nadu. The railway tickets are not printed in Tamil . There are no proper Tamil destination boards.  Tamils songs are not played inside train stations and inside trains. Tamil names are not kept for Trains running inside Tamil nadu. Passenger reservation list in Tamil nadu trains are only in English and in Hindi. This is real violation of linguistic rights. Therefore all these areas need to corrected and Tamil need to get its due place in Railways. We also demanded Thirukural inside the train Thirukural Express.

Well , all these problems are not accidental. This is an absolute denial of fundamental rights. Tamil language should become offcial langugae of  India to overcome all these prolblems. If Tamil people need to live with dignity Tamil langauges has to given the due right and respect. But it may be a long fight  to achieve this in Indian Union. But Tamil have to fight no matter how many decades it may take.


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